Install and Update eMoflon

This page provides installation information for eMoflon. eMoflon is currently composed of two parts: eMoflon IDE Eclipse plugin Enterprise Architect addin (only required for visual syntax support) If you are completely new to eMoflon, we recommend working through our handbook first!

Certificate Fingerprint

The eMoflon Eclipse plugin is digitally signed. The following fingerprints allow you to verify the validity of the certificate.
 MD5:    F1:E9:FF:4E:7B:D7:6D:90:9F:4D:A8:24:34:66:46:24
 SHA1:   F7:23:92:9D:9A:92:86:7C:9A:16:04:8C:2E:E7:04:1D:AE:BB:5A:B6
 SHA256: 07:69:56:2D:7F:63:28:B6:CE:1C:77:9B:4F:1E:F4:3E:

Versions of eMoflon

Note: Our EA extension and Eclipse plugin cannot be mixed arbitrarily. If you encounter any problems when exporting your metamodels from EA, first check whether you have the appropriate version of the EA addin installed. If you encounter problems, pleas consult our issue tracker or drop us a mail at contact(at) Thanks!

eMolfon is available via the Eclipse Marketplace. Unfortunately, eMoflon is currently only compatible to Neon 1 and 2, but NOT Neon 3.

Additionally, you find all relevant links (also to previous versions) in the following list:

Updating eMoflon

Important: You always need to update both parts of eMoflon.

To update eMoflon, proceed as follows.

Source Code

eMoflon is open source (dually licensed under GPL 3.0 and EPL 1.0). The source code of eMoflon is available at GitHub.